Optimistic Picnic

by Cautious Kieran

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Released on 29th of February, 2014 (bandcamp wouldn't believe me?)

An optimistic piece, about how everything is fine and happy.

Music Video for I'm Sane: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IvAnmqW1lA


released March 1, 2014

Tracks 1,3,4 produced by Marley Parker.
Tracks 2,3,6 produced by Cautious Kieran.
Tracks 5 and 7 produced by Jack Hewitt.
Jack Hewitt appears courtesy of PSYCHOENERGISE.
Rudy V occurs naturally in all good products.
Marley Parker is a mad dolphin.
Indy is on the back of this cd as he looks funny in a ball gag,
and is a good pal.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Julez Gregory.
Don’t trust Cookie Monsters and rich people.




all rights reserved


Cautious Kieran Melbourne, Australia

Born in 93, and set to rock it 'til infinity, Cautious Kieran will happily assure you that he is no average MC. Hailing from Brunswick West, and growing up as a fervently discontented individual, it was in a world of hip hop that he found a medium suited to his disapproval of society. And now, with the release of his debut EP 'Optimistic Picnic', he can happily go on, to crush kill and destroy. ... more

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Track Name: Day One
day 1
lifes begun
went for a run
found a wheezing lung
struggle in the sun
is what the birds hum
they flowed like doom
with a deep boom hum
day 2
n im feelin blue
sit in class, can't ask
what to do
get evil stares
for eatin super glue
can't interrupt, glued shut
my own view
day 3
and i'm still not me
just tryna be,
what i'm suppose to be
and that means
sittin here silently
i be hidin me
day 4
wish i had more
can't afford lunch and
i'm feelin poor
on the news masses
protest war
and i wonder what im
sittin here sulkin for
day 5
might ask why
step outside
learn to defy
find some passion
learn to fight
with lips or fists
i can't decide
day 6
an optimistic picnic
gathered the friends
that felt pessimistic
braindead haze
imagine better days
then the state went
put me back in place
I wonder if others
face this task
To define a smile
from a well worn mask
I guess I got
too many bills of dismay
so hear me when i say
that society will pay
hear me when I say
every little word
I mean every phoneme
that comes disturbed
I mean it when I scream
you can't tip toe
roun this radical flow/44
do you get it yet?
this is for 50 for my history
I can't reject
spit shit like dysentery
to leave you upset
this world is fucked
and you shouldn't forget/
that the wealth in this place
goes to waste
(that) wealth in this place
goes to waste
that the wealth in this place
goes to waste
to the privelaged pigs
that stuff their face
(sample sings) -in myyyy diaryyyyyyyyy
Track Name: Holly
Verse 1
just another
figure to consider/
like warmth in winter
glimmerin n hope
ina leaky boat
sailin drunken seas
in search of a cove
to roam, to rove/
to please
like sumfin to ease
my inner to my outer
no way to tell about her
she tell more of me
she makes me change my personality
her name was Holly
innocent pure/
illusive to endure
like fishing lure/
hook pierced lip
calm the pain get pissed/
sly grin, deep gaze
the moment hits/4
wartorn by flirts
fluttering skirts/
overcome by the motion in
which the body curves/
attackin the nerves
with inspired drinking/
to be prepared
we can't be thinking/8
kiss with a passion
that craves something more/
respond in turn
but remain unsure/
our way to escape
a dystopian fate/
a life that don't matter
scared of the wake/12
scared of everything
sobriety will bring/
why will this be
such a rare fling/
tumblen together
down slopes of skree/
mirrors my thoughts
in a desperate plea/


Hook: Pump it, loud,
make me black out/
drain me,
till I pass out/
Pump it, loud
make me pass out/
what we gonna do
when the lights go out/
just pump it, loud
drown me
to end this drought/
pump it, loud
make me pass out/
just give me any way
to remove lifes doubt/

Verse 2:
provin to myself
i got nuthin to lose/
like tryna prove to myself
i got nufin to prove/
trapped ina void
that i can't avoid/
she be everywhere
n i get annoyed/ 4
and im not even
sure of the why/
I feel programmed,
forced to comply/
chekin the sea
for sexy femininity/
a trophy for a mantle
that be pretty empty/8
its feelin pointless with
no love involved/
becomes heartless
with no resolve/10
ina world of hate
escalatin divorce rates/
let's play it safe
with unprotected sex/12
you can get pregnancies
or std's
while i'm busy wunderin why
youd even wanna get with me
by dawn i lie
lonely naked knowin/
that the vanity in sexuality
is growing/

verse 3:
to sober to be suave
to scared to make a move/
no need to escape
or slip to her groove/
that can come casually/
i'm speakin of a time when
life wasn't bad for me/ 4
remet holly through
noumenal senses/
beyond love lust
or any false pretences/
shatterin illusions
that she's to blame/
for the pressures in life that
leave men deranged/8
all those disney films that
said their all the same/
an object we deserve,
to search to obtain/
so that when we don't
we call 'em bitches n sluts/
and when we do
we call 'em worthless fucks/12
no altruism
in this sexual practice
dirty like the stain
that was left on my matress/
I held her
how I need to be held/
so what's real
hollygrams, no man can tell

verse 4:
she's more than a figure to consider
than warmth in winter/
More than status to protect
or teeth marks on the neck/
more than a cure to bullshit hate
more than escape, object to take/
for fucks sake
it's this thinking that leads to rape/
more than a hedonistic motif/
or any other momentry release/
a romanticised, sexual beast
roams the streets, like a bitch in heat
we've been programmed,
not forced to comply/
I keep on writing
though I don't know why
its suppose to be fun, loving, and free
I'm no longer sure what im suppose to be
Track Name: Optimistic Biscuit
(David Frost questions)

take drugs, fuck about and party yo!/
fuck my mind til im just a couch potato/
this is youth, guess im livin how you say so/
like a cool kid, rappin bout his ego/
yeah I got the vision, straight from my television/
yeah i represent, some glorified nihilism/
sorry that my picnic didn't bring no optimism/
its not how I'm livin, just more criticism/

(keys play)

my generation knows that everything is false/
that youth can't decide the election results/
we were educated, learn we have a pulse/
instead we turn off, take a slow drunk waltz/
some can play along, get alot while some have none/
I plead with you all to fire some more nuerons
this world will soon be ours to inherit/
so I ask if your apathy deserves any merit?/

(Olof Palme responds)
Track Name: 50 For The Misery
This is just a test
this is not real/
my mind paragons
to a movie reel/
flipped round and round and round n earth bound/
reverberate the sound and play the rap clown./ 4
I woke to detour from my consciousness./
I woke to find, my mind with accomplishments/
the bags of my eyes, they disguise, /
the heartfelt lies, each night rewrites/ 8
manoeuvred between riddles
of whether to feel better/
and if I can, then can I be a trend setter/
a perverse little letter to 'em souls of mischief
any down and out misfit, you see// 12
I was born in 93
set to rock it till infinity/
but for now i sit here
without divine divinity/
no earthly symmetry
no real identity/
just a vessel, to wrestle,
withit lyrically/ 16
Like a soul artist soul searching/
gotta get this voice working, dispersing, some honesty/
droppin the, philosophy, to say me, properly*/ 20
I gotta be stoppin the imposed policy
I sat and watched as my teacher drew a box/
outside it was me, inside it was society/,
yet the lines blur, we confer cry quietly/
.. I know it don't change silently/4
they change you violently, I march on streets/
just to be beat by Victorian police/
lines fall
between complicit and resistant /
Those that comply
and those that fight for a difference/8
oppressed and oppressor
self-oppressing mass conjecture/
how much can I learn
by sitting in this lecture/
it's so much more than I ever expected/
yet I feel guilty, for being contented/12
attention won't last, hungover from the past /
trying to remove a sadistic laugh/14
trying to explain my own lifes path/
tryina find myself beyond race, sex and class/

I grew up amongst blokes and sexist jokes/
a broken home, a fabled hoax/
dropped out by year 7, destined for a trade/
wanted to play footy but my skills were poorly made/4
everything was shit, a black hole abyss/
should've been to young to be depressed like this/
say it's not real, it's just a test/
grown from my hate, so I'm not senseless/8
you couldn't be right wing and livin like this/
gettin screwed by the state on a daily basis/
so if you got ya class, then take your place/
learn to look beyond with intellectual ways/12
learn to debate , respond retaliate
my resontemont , says it's time to detonate/

...and then there's...
Track Name: Eviction Notice
Every day the gravity grew stronger/
his sentence to the floor grew longer/
in a realm of cumstains, spider webs/
he surfs it like a fly, naive to what danger is/
he's the future, crippled by the past/
watching sitcoms, desprate for a laugh/
slight smirks at best, as he let his lips rest/
no mask to put on, no need to fail another test/
hit 50, and the last drop of whisky/
with a small limp dick, he no longer felt frisky/
a flabby carcass drinks ashes from an ashtray/
within tongue distance of where his body lay/
liquid was ironically replenishing/
completely opposite to the life he was inventing/
what does he live for, trapped on that floor/
doesn't even go to sleep, in and out of micro sleep/
he forgot how to speak, mind clouded in dust/
as he left every thought t' slowly build rust/
tangled in the crumbs of food pellets he ate/
his beard told the story, the length of his fate/
today it went grey but he couldn't care/
returned to the laptop with a transfixed glare/
scouring the internet for any distraction/
reaffirming the belief, this is satisfaction/

hook: (wait 4)
But you don't know how safe it is.../
This is more than mere laziness.../
I really hope you can't relate to this.../
But if you can....../
You don't know how safe it is.../
This is more than mere laziness.../
I Really hope you can't relate to this.../
But if you can....../
Wait 4

Verse 2
Locked to reality by a dirty window pane/
He opens crusty eyes to see them dancing in the rain/
Wanted them to go away, to leave him out of existence/
to be secluded, content, with physical indifference/
he knew it was wrong.../
remember back in the day, mum said 'stay strong'/
'thingsll get better, as ya get older'/
but as time passed, only other kids became bolder/
growin to what he hates, to what he can't relate/
melancholy escape, relegate to outer space/
this world could end, and yet he would stay/
trapped on the floor, by Newton's first law/
static, erratic, only in though emotion/
the last bit living dreams t' make some motion/
to take a minds moment, no truth suppressed/
imagine standin up, splittin seems, gettin dressed/
no chance before, everything would change/
as the world came smashing through his dirty window pane/
and so it came dressed in business suits/
no face, no name, those details don't compute/
if you don't follow suit, ya gonna be reformed/
cleaned with the rest, with the filth on the floor/
taken everything, til ya have no more/
thrown to the streets, victims of class war/
hook: (wait 4)
Track Name: FREE
Just groove slow
To freedom radio
Tellin you those things that
Your not suppose to know
Just groove yo
On ya patteo
Tearin out ya eyes
Til ya see a white glow X2

verse 1
the more ya gonna get
the more ya gonna need/
who can learn to subsist
to resist the greed/
who can stop consumin
this westernised deceit/
what i mean is
is anyone free/
if i won a million
then would it be stealin/
to buy your land
and charge ya rent/
we obey no dissent
i guess it's evident/
that this thing called money
is a good measurement/
to keep you dumb and poor
working for more/
what is free
market society/
fuck it all, the way it be
so called liberty/
strippin me
of any way to be free/
a class like struggle
through a Marxist bubble/
more demand, no supply
society in rubble/
huddle with masses
no welfare or taxes/
starving in the cold
i think i might be/

verse 2
now let's reflect upon reflection/
get a little personal
try some dissectin/
but before we begin/
shed your clothes
let me see some skin/
take away that brand name
splattered on your chest/
take away that style
that you need to impress/
what is the meaning
in the way that we dress/
and what would happen
if we wore naked flesh?/
would rape increase
or would we just freeze/
did a censored life work
for the paedophile priest/
all i see
is sexualised nudity/
on Hollywood screens
screamin fuck me/
I could counteract
throw about my nut sack/
but if a girl did the same
she be straight slut shamed/
gender class
take part in your clothes/
stay snug as a rug
if your mind be closed/

verse 3
and right now
I'm sick of thinkin'/
mustv been the last 6 songs i was spittin'/
mustv' been the words that work to be conflictin'/
a lexicon of lies, that be out ona mission/
to be free, how can I be?/
When society chooses identity/
I'm Confined and defined
In each dichotomy/
Am I a slave,
If I’m not free/
Is it Boat people
Or is it just people/
Nothing treated as equal/
Chomp on ya meat
But won’t eat ya pet/
You should go cannibal
With no logic to protect/
by my logics guess
I shouldn’t use words/
jus mumble about,
in a way preferred/
de de de de derrr
mmphx gerg skerd/
Till I'm deaf dumb n blind
Free to be absurd/